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Best collectors beer mats in the world, as I'm know

Sergio Dilizza - Italy - Trieste

I collect first of all beer coasters of the countries of former Yugoslavia, former Soviet Union and exotic countries. I have for an exchange such of beer coasters and label.

Danilo Scalia - Italy - Rome

Wants: beer coasters from all part of the word expecially exotic countries, former Yugoslavia, former Soviet Union and Ireland.
Offer: I have 5.000 different beercoasters doubles with lots of Italian and exotic countries beercoasters to offer you. See my double to:

Luca Pezzato  - Italy - Treviso

Wants: beer coasters from exotic countries (Asia, Africa, Central/South America and Oceania), from former Yugoslavia, Albania,Armenia, Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia, former Soviet Union (no Baltics), Iceland and beer coasters from Italy (old breweries and micros).
Offer: beer coasters from all over the worldandrare beer coasters from Italy and exotic countries.

Enzo Magnani - Italy - Rimini

I have many coasters from of Western Europe, but I interest more all of exotic coasters from Asia, Africa, Southern America, former Soviet Union, Oceania.

Jose Benedicto Gamonal - Spain - Madrid

Wants: mats from former Soviet Union, mediterranean and nordic countries, Portugal and exotic mats.
Offer: a lot of doubles from all the world, Spain and exotic countries. Mail me to:

Vladimir Chelnokov - Russia - St.-Petersburg

Me call Vladimir Chelnokov. I the collector of beer mats from Russia. I collect beer mats of all countries. I have the large exchange material from Russia, and foreign countries. I can offer an exchange in plenties. In an exchange I have also beer caps (including plastic), cards, calendars, labels, clothes with beer attributes. With me it is possible to communicate on e-mail

Ala Karanauskiene - Lithuania - Vilnius

I am interested beer mats of the countries of former Soviet Union, Poland, Czechia and as by other countries. A separate theme beer mats GUINNESS, HEINEKEN, CARLSBERG. I offer for an exchange beer mats of Lithuania, country of former Soviet Union.

Martin Velcicky - Slovakia - Nitra

I collect coasters from all countries the world, but only beercoasters (from brewery) or with picture of beer. For a exchange I offer beercoaster from Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

Aleksei Razumahin - Russia - St.-Petersburg

I collect beer mats from all world (except for Belgium and Germany) in an exchange I can offer beer mats of Russia and countries former Soviet Union. And also beer caps and labels of Russia.

Rafa Lopez - Spain - Barcelona

I collect beermats from all over the world. Please, visit my web, and if you are interested in some of my doubles. Write me!

Alessio & Paola - Italy - Milano

We collect beer-coasters from all over the world, and we have many European coasters to trade. If you want to take a look at our collection or make a swap visit our web-site!

Alexander Melionov - Russia - Moscow

My name is Alexander Melionov and I am a beer coasters collector from Moscow. I collect coasters from all over the world. I am ready to trade with all who are interested. Write me at

Valeriy Kauchanskiy - Russia - Krasnodar

Hello! I'm a beer coaster collector from Russia. My name is Valeriy Kauchanskiy. If you want you can swap with me. I'm interested the fist time a countries ex-USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and ext.), and football coasters from your country and from all the world. I can send coasters from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Estonia and another countries. Best regards.

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